I have worked with thousands of parents help their children prosper in and out of the schools for the past 33 years.   I can teach you how to understand the reason for your  child’s behaviors, how to improve your ability to communicate with them and make your household calmer. I can coach you on how to deal with your child’s teachers and school administrators.    All I need to help is your motivation and willingness to make changes. I am offering my 30+ years of experience with families, children, and schools to you as parenting coach.

About Dr. Howard Gurr

  •  Although I am providing my services to you as a Parenting Coach, I am also a Certified School Psychologist in New York State and a Licensed Psychologist in New York State( Lic.# 007285). I  have a Ph.D. in Professional Psychology with a dual specialization in Clinical/School Psychology from Hofstra University.
  • Over the past 33 years, I have helped thousands of families improve their home life and advocate for their children’s needs in schools.
  •  It is important to note that I am offering my services to you as a coach, not as a psychologist.